Partners with 50+ years experience in payment processing

We’ve partnered with financial institutions and experts in payment processing technology, collectively offering a comprehensive service that empowers merchants to effortlessly handle various forms of payment, including Credit/Debit and beyond.

Tired of Paying Fees? Introducing Edge: A cash discount program

Companies like Square don’t provide merchants with an automated cash-discount program, forcing merchants to pay for each transaction. Programs like Edge wipe out processing fees by having the cardholder pay for the convenience. You accept cash or check and pay nothing extra to transact that way other than a deposit trip to the bank. Just because you want to offer convenience doesn’t mean that you should have to pay for it! Partner with us today and save money on processing fees! You could pay less than $50 for all our features. No joke!

Still want to pay those fees?

That’s okay! We still offer low processing rates which are typically less than half of sales tax. We have a merchant equipment placement program which extends equipment and warranty to you at little to no cost. Some POS devices are completely free with contract and platform fees. Merchants typically save more with us than many other processors. You get free receipt paper, a portal and free virtual terminal, choice of physical terminal with little to no monthly cost, and priority warranty replacement of hardware. Oh, and live phone support 24/7. Just call the number on the machine!

Accept All Major Credit/Debit Cards

Our program enables merchants to zip past the competition with fast and affordable processing. We have point-of-sale systems for most businesses, including, but not limited to, restaurants (RMS POS) and bars, pop-up merchants, salon, spas, and medical, delivery services, retail, and much more! Need something specific? Please let us know!

Already Have a POS?

No worries! You probably spent quite a bit of time and money getting it set up. One key benefit of our service is that you can keep using your current POS to process orders, and then use our terminal to process the actual card transaction. This saves you time and money! If this doesn’t fit, we can still get you a new POS with our services integrated. The choice is yours!

IT Experts Providing Enterprise-Grade Technology Solutions

LTS – Limitless Technology Solutions, LLC is located in Andalusia, Alabama. When discovering the payment processing needs our clients have, we sought to remedy this with a reliable and rock-solid solution. We partnered with some of the best in the business. Together, our technology and business solutions, as well as our payment processing solutions serve all 50 states in The United States of America.

What Makes Us Different

Experienced Professionals

By leveraging our experience and staying at the forefront of technological advancements, LTS consistently delivers optimal solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and reliability in payment processing.

Efficient and Thorough

We have an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring seamless and secure operations for our clients. It’s seamless because we’ve done this a time or two.

Friendly & Reliable

You have a direct line to support, staff, and solutions. You have our contact details found on this page and in our paperwork, and support labels will be printed on your machine and package paperwork.

Words from our Clients

Our Solutions are PCI-DSS Compliant

No! to handling the card details and retaining them. We encrypt everything, end-to-end. Passwords, card numbers, you name it – it’s secure. Our partners are compliant too. They conduct regular audits and we both have documentation to back it up. Your customer’s card data and your business is protected with our services. Less to worry about!

Featured POS Systems

The all-in-one payments platform featuring the Smart Solution Suite. Ideal for retail, quick-serve, salons, and nonprofits.

Innovative iPad-based POS solutions for more accurate restaurant ordering and simplified inventory management.

The scalable, cloud-based, retail and restaurant POS solution for Android and Windows.

The POS system designed specifically for salons and spas. Help merchants effortlessly manage appointments, payments, memberships, and more.

A global leader in stable, reliable, and secure POS systems for restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, retail stores, and more.

An enterprise-level solution built for single restaurants and large franchise chains that optimizes both front- and back-end operations.

Powerful, reliable, and cost-effective solutions from the leading software provider for hospitality applications since 1998.

A subscription-based solution for hospitality merchants featuring a refreshing combination of state-of-the-art hardware and feature-rich software.

Attention Non-Profits

Making donation acceptance convenient, safe, and easy for churches and nonprofit organizations.

Featured Hardware

Ingenico Desk/3500

This is our primary free device. It’s the bread and butter of credit card processing. Simple, easy to teach/use, and very reliable. Many merchants only need or want this device. Transaction only, with no added features. We have other free placement devices, but this unit has no monthly fee for the equipment itself. Just a contract and service fees for the platform.

Payanywhere Smart Terminal with Optional Pin Pad

The Payanywhere Smart Terminal is the ideal solution to replace traditional terminal processing and for merchants looking to add a little mobility to their payment acceptance experience.

Payanywhere Smart POS+

Transform your counter-top with the space-saving, tablet- based point of sale designed for your storefront.

The Payanywhere Smart POS+ is the right hardware for merchants who want full POS functionality in a sleek and compact design.

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